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Noah's passion for magic began at age 7. Noah was born and raised in Longview, Texas. Every year, he looked forward to summertime, because he knew he would spend his entire summer vacation with his grandparents in Branson, Missouri. He spent his summer days working for his grandparents at their R.V. resort, Twin Cedars by the Shore, on Table Rock Lake, and nights cruising the "76 Strip". It was in Branson, that Noah went to his first magic show, and was captivated for life.

The first magic show Noah saw, was a show titled, "VanBurch and Wellford" starring the Prince of Magic Kirby VanBurch, and award winning funny-man Philip Wellford. After the show, Noah bought his first magic kit, and Mr. VanBurch spent time with Noah, teaching him the secrets of the tricks. From that point on, Noah knew what he wanted to do with his life, and this was the beginning of his career in magic.

Noah spent the school years in Texas, and summer vacations in Branson, Missouri. While in Texas, Noah practiced his magic tricks over and over again, because Noah had a dream. His dream was to become a professional illusionist with a successful show, much like that of his mentor, Kirby VanBurch. Noah started doing magic like most young magicians, performing for his family, friends, and anyone who would watch him. As an amateur, he performed at birthday parties, school talent shows, and elderly homes in his community. 

Every summer, Noah went back to Branson and attended Kirby's show. While he was there, he would buy new magic effects, to keep his audiences guessing. Noah did this every year until 2001.
In the summer of 2001, Noah's persistence paid off, and Kirby offered Noah a job. For a young Noah, this was a dream come true! After several years of being Kirby's biggest fan, Noah was now working for the man that inspired Noah to become a magician, and he was living a dream! 

Noah was hired to demonstrate close-up magic in Kirby's magic shop. Through the course of 5 years, Noah worked in many departments for Kirby. Working in Kirby's magic shop, becoming a stage technician, learning to dance to be an assistant on stage, handling exotic animals, and even taking the stage manager position, were a few of the things Noah achieved while working with Kirby. 

In 2005, Noah relocated to Panama City Beach, Florida to pursue his own magical career. For 2 years, Noah worked long and hard on the development of his show while managing his magic shop at Gulf World Marine Park. In 2007, Noah debuted his 30 minute action-packed show "Maximum Magic". Every year Noah's show got bigger and better. Noah was performing over 300 shows a year with his assistant Heather. In September of 2010 Noah and Heather got married. They spent the next few months preparing for an all new show, and in December of 2010, they debuted a brand new Christmas-themed show titled "It's A Magical Christmas". Noah and Heather put this 2 hour show on every December at Gulf World Marine Park.
In 2011, Noah was honored with the Merlin Award for "2011 Illusionist of the Year". The Merlin Award is the Highest Honor a magician can receive. When Noah received the award in May of 2011, he was the youngest magician in the USA to ever receive the Merlin Award! At the ceremony that night, Tony Hassini, the CEO of the International Magicians Society (the world's largest magic organization) flew to Panama City Beach from New York to present Noah with the Merlin Award. Noah was also honored with a "Tribute" from the Florida House of Representatives, presented by Representative Jimmy Patronis. The Mayor of Panama City Beach, Gayle Oberst, presented a proclamation declaring May 11, 2011 as "Noah Wells, Illusionist of the Year, Day" in Panama City Beach. Another Florida Representative, Brad Drake, presented to Noah a letter of congratulations from Florida Governor Rick Scott. 
In 2012, Noah was nominated again for the Merlin Award, and while on a business trip in Las Vegas, he got the call that he had won the Merlin Award again for "2012 Illusionist of the Year"! On June 20, 2012,  Tony Hassini came to Florida again to present Noah with his second consecutive Merlin Award for "Illusionist of the Year" from the International Magicians Society. Representative Jimmy Patronis was again in attendance presenting another "Tribute" from the Florida House of Representatives. Gayle Oberst, the Mayor of Panama City Beach honored Noah that night with the Key to the City! Noah received another letter of congratulations from Florida Governor Rick Scott. United States Representative Steve Southerland from the 2nd District of Florida also sent Noah a letter of congratulations.


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